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-Welding ability-

With high-efficiency and precision manufacturing technology as the core, facing the two major fields of semiconductor and aviation

Welding ability

Welding ability

Fortune Welding has a clean and controlled welding environment of about 800 square meters with constant temperature and humidity of 100,000 level, advanced SST electron beam welding equipment, LPG laser welding workstation, Miller argon arc welding machine, welding aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy and special metals. Focus on production and research and development. Welding includes GTAW, LBW, EBW and other welding methods. With semiconductors and aerospace as the main strategic areas, we provide customers with high-quality welding products and welding solutions.
In 2016, it officially passed the customer welding technology and system audit; in the same year, it passed the customer aluminum alloy vacuum chamber welding audit certification;
In 2017, it passed the customer's laser welding audit certification again;
Passed the customer's EBW system certification in 2019 and passed the NADCAP certification in the same year. A complete welding quality management system has been established. It can implement American standards: AWS domestic standards: GB, HB international standards: ISO European standards: EN industry standards, corporate standards and multiple welding standards Serving different industries.
Has a professional welding technical team. Three people have passed IWE (International Welding Engineer) certification, and two have passed CWI (American Welding Inspection Engineer Certification). Welding technicians have passed the AWS American Welding Association registered welding technicians and also passed local qualifications. We have high-quality aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy and special metal welding capabilities.
Electron beam welding is equipped with internationally advanced electron beam welding equipment. The vacuum chamber has a volume of 15m³, and the advanced five-axis linkage can meet the welding requirements of complex parts. Meet the welding requirements of semiconductor products and have the welding ability of aero-engines. Using high-voltage electron gun, the welding penetration depth can reach 85mm at a time.

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