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Surface treatment

Surface treatment


In order to meet the requirements of parts cleaning and surface treatment, realize the full-process independent production from mechanical processing to surface treatment, and expand the service scope of major semiconductor and photovoltaic equipment manufacturers, the surface treatment production line of Shenyang Fortune Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was put into operation in 2013 use. Our company has four advanced production lines: IC grade aluminum alloy chemical cleaning, aluminum alloy anodizing, stainless steel passivation and cleaning, aluminum alloy and stainless steel nickel. According to customer needs, we can use professional surface treatment technology and cleaning technology experience to provide Domestic and foreign semiconductor equipment manufacturers provide full-process services of surface treatment, cleaning, repair and repair of parts and components.

Process Name Applied Material Specs
Chemical Clean 0251-20000, 0250-70351, 0190-00144, etc
Hard Anodization 0250-39693, MIL-A-8625, 0250-03038
Oxalic Anodization 0250-09623, 0250-34212
EP 0250-13605, 0250-17128
Bead-Blast 0250-37837
SNP MIL-STD-865, 0250-19829
Display Cleaning & Anodizing 0250-71588 & 0250-66634
Display OLED OLED 0250-56077




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