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Fuchuang upholds the core mission of "Let Fuchuang people have a better life"

In addition to providing talent training, employees are also required to have the following high-quality qualities

Hard work, responsibility, gratitude, transcendence

"Fortune Recruitment Day" Special Recruitment Fair


Since the beginning of its establishment, Fortune has held a special job fair for "Fortune Recruitment Day" every year. Hundreds of candidates have come to the scene to communicate with multiple managers, and most of the candidates have entered the Fortune family through job fairs.

Recruitment of Fresh University Graduates


In order to realize the diversification of talents and attract more high-quality students with ideals and passions, Fu Chuang organizes a series of campus recruitment activities on the university campus every year to successfully recruit high-quality fresh graduates. At the same time, Fortune also provides internship positions.

Special talent recruitment


Fortune focuses on potential talents from all walks of life and participates in large-scale job fairs many times a year. At the same time, Fortune has established good cooperative relations with many charity organizations, successfully recruited diverse talents and all made good contributions to their jobs.

Employee recognition



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