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Test your ability

Test your ability


Quality Center

The Quality Center is committed to the field of precision testing and digital intelligent testing, integrating precision testing, reverse engineering, and big data analysis to escort semiconductor precision manufacturing.

The existing precision is 0.19μm, the range is 3*1.6*1m Zeiss three-coordinate, and the optical precision is 3.0+L/150μm Hexagon image measuring instrument and other high-precision testing equipment.

ZEISS (Zeiss three coordinates)
● Model Prismo Ulra163010
● Accuracy (1.9+L/400)um(0.5+3L/1000)um
● The range is 1600*3000*1000mm

● Brand Mitutoyo
● Model PJ-A3000
● Accuracy U=2um K=2

Image measuring instrument
● Brand Hexagon
● Model OPTIV LITE 563
● Accuracy: Contact 4.0+L/150
● Optical 3.0+L/150
● Range 500*600*250

Hexagon (three coordinates of Hexagon)
● Model Global Classic SR 7107
● Accuracy (2.1+3.3L/1000)mm
● Range 700*1000*700mm

Hexagon (three coordinates of Hexagon)
● Model Global Performance122210
● Accuracy (2.5+2.8L/1000)mm
● Range 1200*1000*2200mm

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