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With high-efficiency and precision manufacturing technology as the core, facing the two major fields of semiconductor and aviation

Laboratory & Class 1000 Clean Room

Laboratory & Class 1000 Clean Room


The laboratory is equipped with advanced precision testing equipment in the industry

(HACH) Tim840 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

(Jena) Nov AA350 BU atomic absorption spectrometer

(Fischer) Sealing Tester (ANOTEST)

(Fischer) XULM-XYM X-ray film thickness meter

(ROD-L) M100DC High Voltage Tester

TMV-1S Vickers Hardness Tester


Standardized, professional, and standardized packaging in the Class 1000 clean room ensures that the quality of the parts received by the customer is the same as the quality of the factory.

Class 1K Clean Room

Baking Equipment in 1K Clean Room

Cleaning Equipment in Class 1K Clean Room

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